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vin rouge bio ogier de gourgue bordeaux

A vineyard cultivated like a garden

Chateau Ogier de Gourgue Vin de Bordeaux

The location

Located 12 km south-east of Bordeaux in the village of Saint-Caprais de Bordeaux, Château Ogier de Gourgue takes advantage of a perfect position on a high plateau of the Côtes de Bordeaux with a magnificent view over the area of La Brède.

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Le Vignoble

The vineyard

Vin rosé Bordeaux Chateau Ogier de Gourgue

The 8 hectares of the estate surround the buildings and the vineyard is a single 5 hectare plot. The vineyard is spread over naturally well-draining limestone-clay and gravel-clay slopes. A “window” hewed out of the barrel cellar retaining wall reveals the subsoil structure up to a depth of four metres and shows the presence of a great deal of gravel.


The grape varieties

The grape varieties are 60 % Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, planted at a density of 5,000 vines per hectare. The average age of the vines is 40 years. At Château Ogier de Gourgue, the yields are voluntarily limited to 30 hectolitres per hectare and when pruning, only six to eight grape bunches per vine are kept, depending on their size and weight.

Le reflet d'ogier vin de bordeaux Chateau Ogier de Gourgue Cote de Bordeaux
Culture Bio

Growing organically, respecting the environment

Producteur de vin st caprais de bordeaux

The work in the vineyard is performed in the purest tradition. The process of converting to the French organic farming standard started in 2010 and the property produced its first vintage certified ‘organic wine’ in 2012.

The aim is to produce a hight quality wine, wilst respecting the vines, the environment and the consumer.

This is achieved by :

  • Protecting the vineyard using only copper-based products (dosage is half that authorised in organic farming) and sulphur. To enhance the action, plant infusions or brews are also used.

  • Growing green fertilisers such as rye or oats mixed with legumes that provides both aeration of the soil and act as a natural fertiliser. When necessary, additional top dressing of bovine manure composted on the property is used.

The vines and winemaking at Château Ogier de Gourgue are managed in compliance with French Organic Farming regulations. Inspections are made each year by Ecocert. This independent organisation carries out checks and tests to ensure compliance with organic production regulations.

  • Striving for very low vegetation density with a large foliage surface area, so as to produce grapes with plenty of aeration, high exposure to sunshine and an optimal ripeness.

  • No synthetic products are used.

vin rouge bio ogier de gourgue bordeaux certification agriculture biologique
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